A Natural Christmas

Natural Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is coming faster every year and this year I am wanting to decorate simply and naturally. I found this great pine cone craft on make-it-love-it. Before I could make the craft I collected pine cones from my yard and cleaned them. I found out how to clean the pine cones on twoityourself. Getting rid of the bugs is vital, because it is gross not to. As I was preparing the pine cones for cleaning several bugs came climbing out. I am so glad I killed all the bugs by cleaning the pine cones.

Basically all you need to do to clean a pine cone is line a cookie sheet with tinfoil, lay the pine cones out in single rows and  bake them at 200 degrees for 20-30 minutes. I was quite nervous about this at first, I didn’t want the pine cones to burn, starting a fire or smell bad. Neither one of those things happened. It was quick and easy and effective.

IMG_2007 (2)

Cleaning pine cones in the oven

After I cleaned the pine cones I sprayed them with a light green glitter spray paint, to shine them. make-it-love-it sprayed hers with a clear gloss, I’m sure that would be beautiful and easy too. I always try to use what I have before I purchase anything new. I had the green glitter spray, so I used that instead of buying a glossy shine.

IMG_2009 (2)

Cleaning pine cones in the oven

Then I glue gunned the rope to the top of the pine cone large enough to wrap around the Christmas Tree branch. Then I tied a small ribbon and glued it on as well.

IMG_2008 (2)

Glue the rope tie on

I love how they turned out. Each ornament is unique and different from the other. And the whole process from gathering pine cones to baking to finishing only took about 40 minutes. I think the tree this year will have a wonderful new look to it. I cannot wait to show you the finished tree in a few weeks. I have something fabulous planned.

Thank you make-it-love-it and twoityourself for the great tutorials.


About Kellie & Alicia

I am Kellie. I am a mom of 4 daughters, a creative dance teacher and a pinner. I love to create my Pins and figure out how to make things work. This blog is all about testing out Pins and sharing what I learned in the processes. I am excited about this adventure and I hope you enjoy seeing the interesting stuff that is created. In my spare time I love water skiing, hiking, camping (“glamping” is better), traveling and taking my kids on new adventures. I also love serving in my community and do so with my church, the PTA, and with an organization called Utah Kids Foundation. I love finding new ways to do things and trying them out.
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  1. have5jewels says:

    These are really pretty. I like the blue.


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