Delicate Cheesecake Cookie – Gluten Free

Cheesecake Cookie

I love making new things. The same ‘ol – same ‘ol get boring, especially in the Gluten Free world. We often feel so limited on our options and food can end up not very exciting – and who wants to eat food over and over again that is not exciting. And then there are these cookies! They have changed our world! And I’m not exaggerating. These have to be the best cookies ever! After scouring Pinterest for something new I found this recipe on Gluten Free on a Shoe String, Nicole calls them Soft Gluten Free Cream Cheese Sugar Cutout cookies. (I do love this site, and most recipe’s have worked out for me). I prefer to call these cookies Cheesecake Cookies, because that is exactly what they taste like.

I used my favorite and trusty Grandpa’s Kitchen Flour.

Basically the big difference in these cookies between regular sugar cookies and cheesecake cookies is that instead of butter you use cream cheese. The difference is like comparing a home firework show and a professionally done firework show. Really there is only one good option. I don’t know if I can ever go back to regular ‘ol boring sugar cookies again.

I like Nicole’s tip of using parchment paper in the rolling of the dough process, that sure made things easy, and less of a flour taste too them.

IMG_2017 (2)

I cut out the cookies in circle shapes, I’m sure any shape will do.

IMG_2015 (2)

And a two more important tips she gave that I wouldn’t ignore.

1-Let them cool for 10 minutes on the baking sheet after the cookies come out of the oven

IMG_2016 (2)

2- After transfering them to the cooling rack I let them cool about 10 minutes more before frosting. If the cookies are warm (even a little bit) the frosting will melt a bit and you don’t want that.

IMG_2021 (2)

I gave the cookies to several people, Gluten Free and Non-Gluten Free and all were sure impressed with over all taste and appearance.

When I made the frosting it seemed a bit flaky and dry to me, so I added a bit more liquid (vanilla and a bit of milk). The consistency was perfect. You want the frosting to be thick so it stand up on the cookie, instead of melts and flattens. It looks so nice and pretty that way. I’m sure you could just as easily spread the frosting on the cookie, but I tried hard for the kids I gave these to so I pipped the frosting. But piping the frosting makes you use a lot more frosting then if you just spread it on the cookie. One more quick tip about the frosting, I didn’t have enough powdered sugar to make a whole batch of frosting, so I had to 1/2 it. This made me need to use store bought frosting (which I already had) for a portion of the cookies. I used Pillsbury Gluten Free Cream Cheese Frosting, for some of the cookies. Those also turned out perfect too. Either frosting is a good option.

IMG_2024 (2)IMG_2023 (2)

Thanks Gluten Free on a Shoe String! These are the best!


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