Thank God For…

PrayNot because you need soemthing

The other night we had Family Home Evening. Where we get together, read scriptures and have a spiritual lesson, play game and eat a treat. It was my oldest turn to plan the lesson, I asked her to do it on being thankful and so we could start our traditional Thanksgiving tree. This year our tree is super simple as I didn’t have time to prepare much. IMG_1915

I basically took the back side of a quote board we have on our wall and taped on paper, drew a tree from tracing my hand and had one of my kids trace her hand and cut them out. Very simple and cheep. I usually do more, but this year we are just grateful to have a thanksgiving tree, pun intended.

Any way my oldest planned a great simple lesson based of a quote that I am sure to miss quote.  It says something like this,

If God called you home today and you could only take with you things you told him you were grateful for yesterday, what would you be able to take with you.

We all thought for a moment and most of us couldn’t take much with us. So we started naming things we were grateful for and posting them on the hands to tape on the tree. We are continually adding to the tree throughout the month of November. I have noticed in our family prayers the past few days that whoever is saying the prayer is mentioning more things they are thankful for in detail. I am grateful for this lesson my 12 year old daughter gave. It is nice to be reminded that we need to mention to God, our Heavenly Father, what we are grateful for. I believe that everything we have in life, given or worked for, is from God and he has a plan for us. Lets take some time this Thanksgiving month to show are gratitude to God for his grace, and love. All we have is from, him. I love my life, and I love that He has provided me with a home, a family, warmth, and education, the mountains, trees, ocean, animals, friends, love, heartache, sadness and joy. Thank you for the quote which came through Pinterest and the thoughts it has given me.


About Kellie & Alicia

I am Kellie. I am a mom of 4 daughters, a creative dance teacher and a pinner. I love to create my Pins and figure out how to make things work. This blog is all about testing out Pins and sharing what I learned in the processes. I am excited about this adventure and I hope you enjoy seeing the interesting stuff that is created. In my spare time I love water skiing, hiking, camping (“glamping” is better), traveling and taking my kids on new adventures. I also love serving in my community and do so with my church, the PTA, and with an organization called Utah Kids Foundation. I love finding new ways to do things and trying them out.
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