Faith, Charity, Hope, Mother Teresa and 9/11

Prayer changes us... -- Mother Teresa //

"9/11 Healing Field"

“9/11 Healing Field”

I wrote this post many hours ago, and let it sit. Then the realization hit that it is 9/11.  Not just any post will do for this day. So to start, I hope this quote from Mother Teresa helps this day. 9/11 is one of those days where you will never forget where you were and what you were doing that very moment. It’s like the JFK assassination, my dad still recalls every minute of that day and tells us of how he was almost there. He had just finished his National Guard training in Dallas and had gotten on a plane to head home about 30 minutes prior, and how the airline captain told the troops what had just happened. Its a day like Pearl Harbor, for my grandma, it was her birthday. After Pearl Harbor she always hated her birthday. Just after Pearl Harbor my grandpa was stationed there as weatherman for the Air Force. For me 9/11, I had just gotten engaged and as I was getting ready for the day (just another college day) the world stopped turning as we all watched for hours, and we didn’t go anywhere. Then over the next few days as the sky was still, as I would drive down to the University, I drove on a road on the side of a mountain that has the best views ever, but the planes were all missing. I would just stare into nothing and notice the silence.

Now every year I take my girls to the 9/11 Healing Field our city sets up every 9/11. We drive by a field of flags, one for each person who died that day. And we take a minute to talk about it.9/11 healing field

The above quote from Mother Teresa I think is appropriate for day, it came through Pinterest some time ago, when I clicked on the link I was taken to a fabulous website called  There is lots of information on about news stories affecting the Catholic community.  I am not Catholic, I do have many friends who are practicing Catholic, and I loved the concept of this website, especially the CV365 section.  On the CV365 page they ask that people pledge to make a difference in the world around them by using their Faith, Charity and Hope.  What does it mean to use our Faith?  I believe it takes Faith to show Charity and exercise Hope. This life can be hard, we are faced with so many differing view points, and trials. It is when we pray, like Mother Tresea says in this quote, that God has the opportunity to change us and create us into a more charitable, loving human-being. When we ourselves see the world and our own problems in a hopeful light we can, through God’s help, change what ever problems we see around us.

I have always admired Mother Teresa, her courage, love and ability to touch the hearts of others. Her compassion changed the lives of so many. I don’t know all her history but I do know that she saw a problem and learned how to fix it. We are not always born with knowledge of how to fix problems, but when we seek the Lords help, through prayer, we can be learn how to fix what problems we face.

CV365 is a movement asking us to pledge to make a difference in one of three areas, Faith, Charity, Hope. It lists ways you can make a difference in each of these areas.  Stan Kivett, and instructor at BYU-IDAHO says, “Each of these words—faith, hope, and charity is centered in Christ and can help us find joy in life.” These words are interconnected and when you practice one, you automatically begin practicing the others. One idea CV365 gives is to Fast for Peace. As a practicing Mormon we take one Sunday a month to fast for something. Often I fast for the needs of others I know, but this Sunday I will take this CV365 challenge and fast for peace about some problems I am facing. Maybe the peace will help me find the correct solution I am looking for. So Thank you Mother Teresa and CV365 and Stan Kivett for helping me to practice my faith.

I think if we all can have more Faith, Charity and Hope and exercise these in what ever way you feel will make you a better person, we can all come to a place of peace. I love reading stories of how people have become better because of 9/11 like this story on Yahoo. Overcoming with Faith Charity and Hope can make a world of difference in the lives of us all.

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