Getting to Know the Story Behind the Person.

love --- sis hinkley: love --- sis hinkley

I have found in my life that everyone has a story, and their story helps me to love them more. Not everyone that I have met along life’s road have I loved right away, sad to say I know. However, after I spent time with that person and tried to understand them I grew to love and honor that person.

Here is an example:

There is a lady, lets call her Anne, who at first when I had to work with her on a service project, I was quite upset and shared my frustration with a trusted friend. This trusted friend felt the same way about Anne, as we had known her for a while, but now I had to work with her more intensely. Anne, was the type of person who just rubbed me wrong and I had prejudged her wrongfully. Anne pulled me aside at the beginning of this project and told me a bit about herself.  She, and most of her children, have some fairly major health complication and life was not easy. She explained how these affect her and her performance on projects and accommodation that would help her. I immediately changed my opinion of her to someone who has courage and perseverance. She did such an amazing job on the projects I gave her, and they were not easy projects. I never had to question or wonder about what she was doing. And as I got to know her a bit better and more personally I began to be in awe of her and her abilities. Once I knew her story, she became a person who deserved love and admiration, not someone who I didn’t like. I love Anne and all she exemplifies in life.

Sometimes I wish we could all wear tags that said something like this: “Be kind to me, today _________ happened” or “Please be patient I have ____________ going on and kindness would be appreciated.”  I understand why we don’t do that, but once we really get to know people and delve into their story, we are less judgmental, more kind and helpful. I believe that each one of us is a Child of God, who, through life experiences becomes who we are today. And each of us make choices everyday that help shape our understanding of the world we live in. With each experience and choice we make we can choose to become more kind, understanding and loving or bitter and angry. The story of people’s life can help us understand why and how a person became who they are. I love reading old pioneer stories, or stories of people I know and looking into their life for understanding of the world around me, helping me to be more kind, loving and charitable to others.

I hope that as I live my life there isn’t a person I don’t love as I get to know them and their story.

Disclaimer: I found this quote floating around Pinterest. I visited the link to the quote and was taken somewhere else. So I do not have credit to the person who made the quote look so nice, Thank you who ever made the quote look so beautiful. I do know of Marjorie P. Hinkley, she and her life story are fascinating. She exemplified all thing bright, beautiful and lovely. To read her life stories, there are several books on Amazon about her or by her, the link is provided.


About Kellie & Alicia

I am Kellie. I am a mom of 4 daughters, a creative dance teacher and a pinner. I love to create my Pins and figure out how to make things work. This blog is all about testing out Pins and sharing what I learned in the processes. I am excited about this adventure and I hope you enjoy seeing the interesting stuff that is created. In my spare time I love water skiing, hiking, camping (“glamping” is better), traveling and taking my kids on new adventures. I also love serving in my community and do so with my church, the PTA, and with an organization called Utah Kids Foundation. I love finding new ways to do things and trying them out.
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