Brown Sugar Frosting

I got this recipe from Shawn at

I have been quite intrigued by this brown sugar frosting for quite some time. I thought I should try it out as part of this blog. I even made it twice to see if I could do it. I guess I am doing something wrong, because it just didn’t work. I love Shawn, and I’ve followed her blog for a while and used several of her recipes and ideas. So I think it is me. I’ve tried similar egg white base frosting recipes and never with success. I fluffed my egg whites for a long time, they got quite large, and I made the warm syrup sauce, just like she said, “when dropped from a spoon makes tiny strands that resemble hair.” I even tried this recipe twice because I had high hopes for it. But it didn’t work. Mostly I think it is me, I’m not great with egg whites, but I tried it twice! And it turned out thin, and runny. I stored the runny frosting in the fridge over night, hoping it would help, but no. When my daughter tried it, she gave a funny grimace and said “it tastes like syrup on a cupcake.” I really wanted this to work, but it didn’t. I would love it if someone else would try it and see if it works for you, then let me know if you were able to get this fluffy brown sugar frosting to work.

Kellie Verified 2 star rating, so sorry.  It was really hard, and just didn’t work.

hot candy like mixture

hot candy-like mixture

Tastes like syrup

Tastes like syrup

The recipe is interesting and different, which makes it all the more desirable.  


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I am Kellie. I am a mom of 4 daughters, a creative dance teacher and a pinner. I love to create my Pins and figure out how to make things work. This blog is all about testing out Pins and sharing what I learned in the processes. I am excited about this adventure and I hope you enjoy seeing the interesting stuff that is created. In my spare time I love water skiing, hiking, camping (“glamping” is better), traveling and taking my kids on new adventures. I also love serving in my community and do so with my church, the PTA, and with an organization called Utah Kids Foundation. I love finding new ways to do things and trying them out.
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